Zambia Zimbabwe border

25 April 2010

Following tips and rumors I've ended up at a pleasant riverside guesthouse. They do canoe trips to go see the Hippos, Elephants, Crocodiles and so on.

Saturday was clubbing in Lusaka, Zambia. My new found friends (Frank, Stanley, Elias, Benson) decided I should DJ someplace besides just my iPod sitting in the bar so we hit some clubs. Eating ribs, drinking Mosi. "Mashed PotatO I want to make you my wife O" gets played 6 or 7 times in our car and the two clubs we hit: Zenon and Alpha. Zambian tracks are often Reggaeton type beats with auto-tune bashment type singing. Some are wicked. Also lots of club NRG techno, Jay-Z's New York sounded SO GOOD (the girl I'm dancing with singing along and smiling at me—I'm from NY, right?), Skepta's Too Many Men, and some UK funky. Too tricky to hook the laptop in, or I would've hit it. Must switch to CDJ.

But now I want my Safari.  Mana Pools is close but that's serious stuff, you need either lots of money or a proper 4WD and all food ready.  Lions and elephants walk through your camp site all the time. 

Canoeing along the river will do.  There is internet here. And lots of South African families watching Rugby.  But the head of staff (owner? I'm guessing not. sadly its always South Africans or Europeans that own the places. and no zambian food on the menu. and the menus are overpriced.  where's my African chicken ??)

Those picky immigration people say I have to leave Zambia, so pay $50 to go to Zimbabwe and $50 to get back in.  So today's decision tree resolves to:  stay here another day or so, go canoe, cross over to Zimbabwe (which means withdrawing another million kwacha, buying US dollars on the street and then buying some Zim $ on the other side.  dumb, eh ?).  Take the bus to Harare, hopefully meet up again with Kovert (Praxis/Peace-Off) who I just met in Lusaka, and then take the overnighter to South Africa, bus or fly to Cape Town.

From Zambia

I met a little film crew on the streets in Lusaka.

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