3 December 2004

  JAN 21 '02
is the day


toTuBE ON...LoG IN...& ToNE OuT=
with the hausofouch


Please join us for a special one of a kind live elect=
romedia event

  live =
in the  Downtown Community Televison Cyberstudio =

Featuring realtime electrosonic duets by:

David Linton & Charles Cohen  

 Marina Rosenfeld & Toshio Kajiwara  

  O.blaat & Timeblind

And live multi channel video mixilation by:

Benton-C Bainbridge  

 Jeremy Bernstein

Nancy Meli Walker  

   In Studio:
0C0C0">  9pm - -  87 Lafayette St  (2 blocks below Canal), &n=

 Telecast:  9:30pm - -  Manhattan C=
able TV CH 34 (MNN)

  Webcast:  9-11pm - -  online=

Studio seating will be limited to app.  60
T> people...   to reserve a place on the UG<=
/FONT> reduced list  ($7)

please reply to  by Fr=
iday Jan 18...  unreserved addmission will be $10=
day of show...

For more details about this very special evening and background about
ONT SIZE="5"> unitygain events plea=
se visit:

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