May 2009

for MUSICBOX / diversity.fm in Lancs


A Mahout is a the long-term caretaker of an Elephant. I was going to call this mix Elephant Jockey, which means both “guy who likes to fuck fat girls” and is a racial epithet in certain parts of Africa. I decided not to use the name due to the latter.

One night in southern India my very good friend Galya and I got off the bus in a state park. We were immediately surrounded by the rangers who told us we couldn’t stay there due to the dangerous presence of Veerappan the Bandit (although he was never known to terrorize tourists). We caught a ride on top of a truck and there I met a Mahout who told me in typically fucked up English about his 30 years with his Elephant. Long term relationship, very deep. It was late and very dark and the truck barreled loudly under the Banyan trees. A few months later Veerappan, who was very vain about his majestic moustache, experienced health problems due to the toxic black die he colored it with. He tried to go into the city to seek help, but when the car opened its back doors he was assassinated by the police with a single shot to the head. It is believed that he had stashed millions of rupees deep in the forest in cash including ransom money and ornaments, in secret caves and holes in the forest.

Its all true I swear !

full tracklisting

LD – Peace In Our Culture
Dexplicit – Firebell
Skream – Trapped In A Dark Bubble
Eskmo Remix (Bar 9) – Murda Sound
Kromestar – Devil
Synkro – Hold On
Untold remix (Toasty) – The Knowledge
Maga Bo feat K-Libre – Nakhil
Animals on Wheels – Ball
Steppo – flossin
Dexplicit – Aura
Burning Spear – Dread River
Madosini – Nozimanga (Uthando Luphelile Dub)
Timeblind – + reg
LV Remix (Unotld) – Walk Through Walls
Ahmed Janka Nabay – Eh Congo
An-ten-nae feat. Samba – Griot
Fantastic Mr Fox Remix (Untold) – Yukon
Dj Znobia – ABC
(Jahdan Blakkamoore) – Varela (Chancha Via Circuito)
Estrellas de la Kumbia -Taliban En Victoria RT @djrupture
Timeblind – tai chi-ton
Flying Lotus – Melt!
Timeblind – Wood


Feb 2009

airing: February 2nd 2009 10pm UK time

avail on iTunes as a podcast shortly afterwards

Feb show also featured:


(all tracks unreleased – label offers welcome!)

  • Deserted feat. Linton Kwesi Johnson
  • Transport Control
  • Eye Witness Reports
  • Cams feat. Linton Kwesi Johnson
  • Trawla feat. Linton Kwesi Johnson
  • Navigator – due out on new 'Balkan Vinyl’ label ('Colours’ series) 2009.
  • Tunneltone
  • Drome feat. Soom T
  • Sleepers

LKJ drinks in the same pub I guess and KCP just asked him. nice one ! a legend.


  • Autopsia and Achtar – Radical Machines 1 – ( http://www.myspace.com/autopsiaachtar )
  • Scorn – Gravel Bed (original mix) – Combat Recordings forthcoming
  • Gunjack – Bruk shut Revenge – Consume
  • Subjex – Manneken Acid – In Vitro
  • Anstam – Aeto – Anstam Music
full tracklisting

Pigeon drones recorded in Ürümqi – (Royal Oculus and Gramophone Company)
crucialfelix – (live at slowsoundsystem, London)
Herbie Hancock – Nobu (live in Japan)
Twisted – Give me Up (2nd drop, UK) (we think boomkat has the titles swapped)
Art Ensemble of Chicago – People in Sorrow (I) (Americans Swinging in Paris)
Groovechronicles – 1999 – (DPR, UK)
Timeblind – Shunyata (unreleased)
Basic Channel – Radiance (Timeblind transmogrification)
F – The Untitled Dub (7even, Frankreich)
CIAfrica – STAND (CIAfrica, Côte d’Ivoire / “Eastern France”)
DJ Chemistry – Hallucinations (Chemistry Records, UK, )
DJ Nike – Soba Soba (Angola)
Art Ensemble of Chicago – obligatory Malachi Favors clown horn solo
The Berlin U-Bahn –
Anstam Music – Cree B (Berlin)
Helixir – Narcotik Dub (7even, France)
Martyn – Vancouver pure dub
Timeblind – Coltan and Cassiterite (forthcoming split 12” on the Agriculture with Rupture/Shadetek)
Vice Squad – On the Edge (just the breakdown)
Pandit Ravi Shankar – Raga Margwa (78 RPM classics, Calcutta)
F – Phantom (7even, France)
Pangea – Router (Hessle Audio, Großbritannien)
Drexciya – Depressurisation (Detroit)
Helixir – Springz & Wires (7even, Frenchland)
Spatial – Infra001_CC1 (oota Lunnon, the caipital ceity o the Unitit Kinrick )
King Sunny Adé – Eje Nlo Gba Ara Mi (Island Records classic, Nigeria)
Ramandanman – The Woon (2nd drop, not from France)
Serginho Costa – Beijar Na Marra !! (Brasileiro)
Montagem – Aquecimento dos Bailes (Brasileiro)
RSD – Over it (UK)
Groovechronicles – Incredible (DPR)
Galleon Dub – 23Hz & Numaestro (Substratum EP, Spain)
African Head Charge – Conspiring (1979, UK)
Matt Shadetek – Lily of the Valley – Flowers (NYC)
Wolves (dunno, I found it)
Timeblind – Ayerz mix (unreleased)

sub.fm mix feb 2009

Dec 2008
full tracklisting

Black Wa-Da – Burning Spear
Shunyata – Timeblind
Space Pong – T++
Channel 2 – 2562
Find a Way – Round Four
Scrbox – Timeblind
New Dawn – Shackleton
Loose Community – Otomo Yoshihide, Park Je Chun, Mi Yeon
Moments in Time – Adam (Releif)
Secondo Coro Delle Lavandale – Roberto de Simone
Obi’s Heavyweight Dub – Syncom Data
Empress – Mikey Murka Showcase
wagger – Timeblind
The Sweetest Taboo – Nona
Pure Rok – Timeblind
Sub-g – Timeblind
Techno Dread – 2562
Consigliere – Marcin Czubala
Electro Music – Benga
Beams of Light – Pato Banton rmx
Input output – Phowa
Takeover dub – L.V. with Dandelion
Sound Bwoy Burial – Smif n Wesson
Belinda – African Head Charge
Squek – Timeblind
Kameleon – 2562
Yuri Mouse Scurry – Timeblind
Beyond the abyss – Drexciya
Juju punx – Juju
Cut end – Goth Trad
Ontological Ground of Being – Timeblind
Loose Community – Otomo Yoshihide, Park Je Chun, Mi Yeon

Flora mix

Nov 2007

a techno techno dubstep techno mix

lovely art by phoenix

full tracklisting

Raindrops On My Window
Loco Dice

Sl3 / Cliche
Rejected Music

Safari – James Holden Remix
Andre Kraml : James Holden Remix
Crosstown Rebels

Minus Tour Promo

Entr’acte Music
Andomat 3000, Jan
Grune Raufaser / Entr’acte Music

Osbourne aka Soundmurderer
State of the Union EP

Lycra – Wishmountain, Tight Fitting Lycra Mix 2
Alter Ego
Decoding The Hacker Myth Remixed Pt. 1

If Snow Was Black
Detroit Grand Pubahs;
M. Goudy Jr. and Andy Toth. vocals and Lyrics by Paris the Black Fu.
Xclusive mp3 bonus track from “Galactic Ass Creatures From Uranus” (pfrcd11)

African Head Charge
Off The Beaten Track (1986)
On-U Sound

Ontological Ground of Being

African Head Charge
Off The Beaten Track (1986)
On-U Sound

Freakside – Gel Abril Acid Rework
Shlomi Aber : Gel Abril Remix

Son Of Raw (Loco Dice’s Brooklyn Roll)
Dennis Ferrer : Loco Dice Remix
Son Of Raw (Loco Dice Remixes)

Adagio C 1
Gaetano Parisio
Adagio C

Bury Da Bwoy

Stephan Bodzin
Liebe Ist…

[unfound30] dot – closing time ep
unfoundsound netlabel unfoundsoundrecords.com

Sharp Of Fades
The Viewers
Blank Images
Audiomatique (sublabel of Poker Flat)

Wortkabular – Luciano Wortkabular Remix
Robag Wruhme, Luciano Remix
Wortkabular Remix
Musik Krause

Cell Phone’s Dead (Villalobos Entlebuch Remix)
Beck, Villalobos Remix
The Information Deluxe, Remixes.

Just A Man
Fabric 27 Matthew Dear as Audion

New Phase
Chris Carrier
Don’t Look Back (AO028)
adult only

Another Man – Daniel Stefanik Mix
Oxia, Eric Borgo : Daniel Stefanik Remix
Another Man EP

Time For Ensor
Time For Ensor

Temenarc 1
Ricardo Villalobos
Thé Au Harem D’Archiméde

Luciano, Thomas Melchior
In The Spirit


Fauna mix

Backwardation : Version 12"
Time dilated by matter : Version 12"
Hey everybody we released a record: http://j.mp/iY6rPo Maga Bo's Ransom EP bassy remixes of sweet Ethiopian string instrumentals. #exclusive 4 years ago
new genre alert: drone-reggae 4 years ago
just released: Maga Bo's Ransom EP with a Timeblind remix. first taste here: http://j.mp/jBXB2i 4 years ago
RT @DeepakChopra: Ponder this: Are you a biological organism unto itself or a pattern of behavior of all life? 4 years ago
  • Released already
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  • The very ungrumpy Kid Kameleon just dropped his loops mix built entirely from loops from the likes of us:Asura, BD1982, ...