symmetry; the central channel

22 December 2005

Mark Mothersbaugh (devo) did a beautiful art show of antique photos that he transforms by digitally making them symmetrical. Seeing a symmetrical face is very strange. His attached article is well worth reading too. Rorsarch.

A study of dancers (in Jamaica) showed that women were attracted to men who showed symmetry in their moves.


A recent study said that many people still don't really understand how mirrors work.

A robot in Japan now has "mirror image cognition" and can tell the difference between seeing itself in a mirror and seeing another robot trying to imitate its movements:

I find it very strange that relatively few people are aware of the dual brain mechanism. This should be in the manual that came with your brain.

Our brain halves alternate domination, and with it the breath alternates strength in either nostril; approximately every 90 minutes. We are essentially two creatures, in a bickering relationship with each other. Check the strength with your fingers. I am right side at the moment. Left side is the more analytic. It is said the right is incapable of language (its also said that thought is not possible without language which is total bullshit and Roger Penrose agrees with me.

This is known as the Swara cycle, and it can be altered by alternately closing each nostril (as part of pranayama). There is also an odd stick that is used in more obscure yoga practice--you put it under your armpit, shove it in the gland there, and it forces the energy (and breathing) into the opposite channel.

yoga mag

For a small period it will reside in the central channel, known as Sushumna. In states of peak experience and in-tune-ness you will find that your energy stays in the central channel. The goal of Yoga is to get the energy to reside in the central channel, and it works very well. Simple sun cycle will open the right and calm the left. The right is known as the sun side, tends to get picked on in human society, and it is that which the Aryans feared would get buried in the earth. It is also known as "that which sleeps in the city".

In India there was in Vedic times a river called Sarasvati -- now dry, disappeared and mythical. In Kundalini Yoga it is associated with the central channel Sushumna. They have found the bed now with satellite pictures. I intend to go there and dwell with whatever crazed Sadhus are there encamped.

I have noticed that as soon as I am in a club, my breathing goes even. The goal of dancing, for me, is to bring the energy into the central channel.

Elephants are holy in part because their trunk (which is their main tool of expression) comes directly out of their central channel (at Anja, the third eye).

One of the greatest things about sex is that we get to bury our trunks deeply inside the river banks of our beloved. (ladies, please reverse the sentence) This is direct manipulation of the central channel. Oh my God sex is great.

(note: no, I'm not getting any.)
update: ok, i got some.

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