Screen Culture and the problem with convenience

2 November 2010

During my 6 months in India I had no computer.  I brought one, but thank some God or another, it broke within the first 9 days.  Everything happens for a reason.

My mind got opened up to quite a lot of things that I miss while I'm scurrying around processing stuff up here in the manscape.  Cleared space and no obligations to do anything, and at that time no real clear future.

We, the digitized, are quite altered—our attentions are fed this steady supply of info-sugar and our gaze is noticeably different than that of non-screen people.  We have become used to focusing on this stupid glowing rectangle with its fake drop shadows teasing us with the 3D perceptual layers we've evolved to process.  I really notice it when I talk with people who have NEVER used a screen.

We all do love this intense age of information, but its our generation that got our minds blown by this explosion and its us that has to figure out how we are going to balance that intensity going forward. That's our challenge.

Video below:  Richard Watson discussing screen culture and specifically over-connectivity.  Well worth taking some time off before clicking onto the next whatever. 

"Convenience is the disease that you have to fight in any creative field." Jack White (White Stripes)

To which I would add: rational decisions often make bad art or bleach the earth where your art needs to take root.

When do you get your ideas ?  Survey says: not while sitting at the computer searching and connecting.  It happens in the spaces away from that: walking, waking, driving, showering, reading a magazine but interestingly enough nobody mentioned while using technology.

And now I'd like to apologize for writing such a rational and to the point post. But I have things to do, must fly ...

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