Version 12"

Label: Version
Release date: 28th March 2009
Catalog: V001
Format: 12" (45), 320k mp3
  • Groove Attack
  • ST holdings
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    • A1 Time dilated by matter
    • B1 Backwardation
    • B2 Space Cadet

    VERSION 001

    A. timeblind – time dilated by matter
    B. timeblind – backwardation
    B2. timbelind – space cadet

    format: 12” Vinyl (mastered by rashad @ d+m, berlin)
    release date: 02/ 09

    TIMEBLIND is a sonic scientist from New York, currently living in Berlin. He has released on DJ /Rupture’s Soot Records, Orthlorng Musork and the mighty Tigerbeat6/Shockout label as well as prime 90s techno labels such as Probe, Missile, Synewave and Communique. Timeblind is always researching and extending the boundaries of past and future sound system music. His 2003 remix for DJ /Rupture on The Agriculture laid out a template for fast hi-powered techno-dub that predates both Grime and Dubstep and appears regularly on mixtapes and in DJ sets to this day. In 2001 with the Rugged Redemption album Timeblind brought forth innovations in dub and dancehall influenced electronica. For our first release VERSION is proud to present Timeblind’s latest mutations of the dubstep virus.

    dj support: loefah, clouds, bunzero, dave q, orson

    Time Dilated by Matter – Timeblind from timeblind on Vimeo.

    Hallo neues deutsches Dubstep-Label, mit dir werden wir viel Spaß haben. Und dass Timeblind mittlerweile auch in diesen Gewässern fischt, das hatten wir verpasst. Der Titeltrack mixt Timeblinds alte Liebe zum digitalen Detail mit der rauhen Kraft des Basses, lässt Stabs in Auffahrunfällen bluten, schiebt den Elektronika-Sonnenaufgang mit in den Dub und fertig ist der Hit. Auf der B-Seite wird kurz die Euphorie gesampelt und dann einfach weiter gesteppt. Mit diesem Versatzstück alter Zeiten gelingt alles, auch der Kampf gegen das orientalisch anmutende Leierkasten-Motiv. “Space Cadet” schließlich führt uns zurück zum “alten” Timeblind, der den Dub nur noch aus Ausgangspunkt für die digitale Hölle nimmt.


    Brilliant eastern flavoured dubstep cuts – TIP!

    'Time Dilated By Matter’ marks the very welcome return of the hugely underrated Timeblind and the birth of the promising new Version imprint. We’ve not heard owt from Timeblind since his cone-melting 'Ghostification’ EP on Soot some three years ago, but it’s clear to hear that he’s been putting in the studio hours to perfect the ultra heavy subs on the A-side. This is purest bass gluttony for those that like their subs to shake the snot out of their nose, which when coupled with the fractured percussion and exotic Asian melodies makes for a prime rug-cutting special. 'Backwardation’ on the flip rubs up another exceedingly powerful bassline, this time more on a UK Sound System steppers vibe, catching loops of rolled percussion and suspended in uneasy late-night atmospherics, before 'Space Cadet’ finishes with an electro-acoustic dub experiment basically showing off his undoubted sound sculpting skills. Seriously high quality dubstep for fans of Loefah, DMZ, (old) Kode 9, Shackleton or DJ Maxximus. Killer!

    Berlin, where this edition’s cover story on the love affair between techno and dubstep takes place, is home to US-American ex-pat Chris Sattinger (better known as Timeblind). A veteran traveller between the worlds of techno and dub for more than a decade, Timeblind discovered dubstep as a new field of play a few years ago. Almost three years after his widely praised „Ghostification EP“ (Soot) he’s now finally back with a new 12“ release; this time on Version, a new label founded by Düsseldorf’s number one dubstep ambassador Orson. The record proves that Timeblind hasn’t lost a bit of his form: „Time Dilated By Matter“ with its wavelike start-stop-rhythm and deadly bass variations crawls down your spine like a mutated bassbin bug, „Backwardation“ resembles a percussive excursion deep into Shackleton territory, while „Space Cadet“ completes this well-rounded 12“ with a slice of noisy ambience.

    “Newness from Timeblind, finally following up his extraordinary ‘Ghostification EP’ via new label Version. The A side is a tender tone poem, wistful dub blended with asian flavours and a scattering of techy edits. ‘Backwardation’ on the flip goes few degrees colder, with distant reggae strains laid over deep snapping electro breaks and resonant bongos, and ‘Space Cadet’ finishes things off with gnarled ambience, a shifting miasma of scaly, metallic synth design writhing and mutating like a bag of snakes.” Review in iDJ Magazine 02/09

    Backwardation : Version 12"
    Time dilated by matter : Version 12"