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when it happens

2008 October 06

In case you all hadn’t noticed, the world is falling apart. I posted here back on September 11th, 2007 that the finance world was going to fall apart.

The reason I fled New York was that I could see quite clearly that the wheels were going to come off that wagon and the US may very well collapse into chaos. Alarmist, yes. That’s what alarms are for.

The solid truth is that the financial markets always precede the real economy and things will be changing soon.

As of this weekend the “commercial paper” market has “frozen up”. This means that the circulatory system of the united states – the credit system that companies use to keep factories going and shipping happening is not working. Nobody wants to loan money to anybody else. That means [Cardiac arrest](

You may not like corporations and banks, but we live in their world. Expect some severe dislocations. It might even be fun for the likes of us. But it won’t be easy. Personally, I’m trying not to stress …. and failing at that.

It is entirely possible that food supplies will from time to time get interrupted. I’m serious. You may not think you buy things from corporations (you hipster you), but you live in the modern world and you are not isolated.

In the midst of the largest destruction of wealth in history (albeit fictitious fiat currency wealth), savy investors keep well ahead of the game.

Hmmmmm. Now what could those clever and immoral stock traders be thinking would happen that would boost the outlook for Cambell Soup ? Investing in pitch forks and torches might also be wise. The peasants will buying those in size.

Yep, and you too should have a stockpile of canned good, beans, all that good stuff so that you can survive any interruptions that may or may not happen.

“Supermarkets not going to have enough food. when it happens. The great equalizer is coming.” – rastabomba

(update: damn, even cambell got killed a few days later. this really is Armageddon)

It may not happen this year, it may not happen ever, but don’t freeze up in fear, don’t be stupid and not prepare.

Not preparing is stupid. Preparing and then it not happening is fine. Then you just have a bunch shit in the pantry. Whatever.

Oh, and buy camo. Its always cool to sit around the apartment wearing camo. Makes you feel manly.

New Yorkers : 20% of the city income came from Wall Street investment banks. They are gone. All of them. All the other financial institutions are reporting losses, everybody is reporting losses. That means they don’t pay taxes. That means NYC is bankrupt.

Expect serious cut backs. On the plus side, many of those hedge fund douche bags may move back to their stupid dorfs. Oh and that means restaurant income in New York is going to nose dive. Deflation in the city might happen as people drop their prices because they are desperate for business.

With all those abandoned shopping malls we may have an excellent free party and rave culture in the US. But sadly, the kids will probably just stay at home and make crappy emo videos and post it on youtube.

As we all know, the US is not designed to operate without cars and a corporate retail based supply chain. If globalization breaks down, the US can’t get enough imports to support the lifestyle to which it is accustomed.

Berlin – I can be poor in Berlin and enjoy it. Hell, the place looks cool with all these old buildings. We could fall into ruin and disrepair and it would still be an awesome city. It would still look nicer than it did in 1945. We will have the most awesome soup kitchens with cabbages and potatoes and stuff organized by cute Finish girls.

Personally I don’t really like money, or people with money.


pan-dimensional beings experience things differently

2005 December 11

Wouldn’t it be great if there were beings on earth who didn’t experience events in the linear sequence of time, but instead experienced events sorted by Relevance. So while we were just enjoying what had happened or what was going to come up… they would be getting more and more excited or increasingly disinterested.

Its the biggest human joke that we expect aliens to experience the same time scale as us, or even to experience time. Most people still expect them to have 2 ears, 2 eyes … Most likely they are here, living super-imposed on our reality but in non-perceivable fashion. With neuron flashes of 1,00,000 of years or lifespans of mere moments. One wink of the eye is millions of years to the most-eye-the-rastabomba-remixes.

Anyway, its 1 am (and time is perceivable) so its about time to head out to the club tonight… Roll Deep @ Cafe Moskau ( the former private club of the top DDR politicos here in Berlin).

Update: congruity and simultaneity are assumptions based on a single absolute time line. It doesn’t actually work like that, the perception of time is always relative. So in another galaxy millions of years may indeed be only a wink of an eye, even for normal everyday creatures from that galaxy.



2004 December 03

The Rastabomba

said i buy a electric generator why on earth go buy a solar panel, a convertor, some storage batteries, and hooking up a simple propeller like a windmill to dat and sun not shine breeze blow and you generating power. don’t take much. for $5000 you can put in a solar unit in your house which supply you with all the power you need. i have a little cabin up in the hills in jamaica, a little hut. and we have solar energy, one panel, two storage batteries, a convertor. and i have all the power i need for anything, you know. see what i mean. it not hard, it just that certain guys want manipulate you and get your money from ya so you can work for dem. see what i mean. but that’s what people up in that area have to start doing and that’s what everybody have to start doin. so so so delroy say “you spit in the sky it must fall in your eye and that’s no lie”. and that’s what they going to try to do.
mankind technology. why dem a take a computer and da people.. if computer so big and bad why can’t computer turn on the light, eh ? got to go back to.. chop up some tree and build some wood fire cook some food get the riverside catch water same river where dem same on pollute up. and get you the same snow and melt them and make water like dem ancients used to do and stop rely on water company and light company and telephone company to supply you need because dem goin to let you down, ya undastan ? dem same thing start… the cities, the cleansing is coming, the great equalizer which goin to equalize mankind. all the money dem have, all the millions, can’t get them some water or some power. with all the money dem have. nothing. everybody equal. that’s how god going to equalize everything on the earth . supermarkets not going to have enough food. trust me. supermarkets not going to have enough food. when it happen. when it come. cause the most eye not joking. same thing did happen when rome did fall. it was all party time and getting down. you know what i mean. same thing did happen. don’t get caught that way again.
mankind have to think about getting out of these cities and goin up to the hills. set up yourself a little cabin and get back to basics. we have a lot of food out there but people get so accustomed to having a little factory guy, a little factory dem supply dem food that dem don’t know nothing about dem things.
but its those who know how to live off the land and to live in harmony with nature, are those that are going to live to survive to start the new cycle of mankind. cause we come to the end of one cycle and get ready to start a new cycle on a higher vibration. any time that cycle change take place, whole lot of people get wiped out. who don’t ready fi’ take that step.
ya know what i mean. if you making money , make some money to enable you to do without money. put up a little ranch, plant up some fruit trees round it. setup a system where you can catch rain water. rain water is pure distilled water. rain water in most cases is cleaner than spring water.
course if you filter, charcoal filter you don’t need that poison water to drink. kill people full of nothing but parasite and chemical and disease.
same water come through hundred year old pipe. just seep all kind of lead and all the chemicals and the pipe the water which nobody not tell nobody about. ya know what i mean, so…

mankind better go back to make god provide for ya and stop putting your faith in mankind and the factory food which bring you nothing but sickness and disease. the consequence of disobeying the lass of nature is sickness and disease. better believe that. ya know what i mean. it a natural law of nature and once you disobey that law on any level you going to suffer the consequences. ya now what i mean. it might take a hundred thousand years but when the time comes you can’t get enough power. can’t change that.
know what i mean.
a million years to you is a wink of eye to god. ya know one wink of the eye. one breath is millions of years to the most eye. to you is a millions of years but to the most eye is just a wink of eye. swift ya undastan.

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exponential growth
world model collapse


exponential growth

2004 December 03

What happens when growth approaches fixed limits and is forced to give way to some form of equilibrium? Are there choices before us that lead to alternative world futures? … Exponential growth does not continue forever. Growth of population and industrialization will stop. If man does not take conscious action to limit population and capital investment, the forces inherent in the natural and social system will rise high enough to limit growth. The question is only a matter of when and how growth will cease, not whether it will cease. (Forrester, 1971)


fossil fuel

2004 December 03

The sudden — and surprising — end of the fossil fuel age will stun everyone — and kill billions. Once the truth is told about gas and oil (it’s just a matter of time), your life will change forever.

Envision a world where freezing, starving people burn everything combustible — everything from forests (releasing CO2; destroying topsoil and species); to garbage dumps (releasing dioxins, PCBs, and heavy metals); to people (by waging nuclear, biological, chemical, and conventional war); and you have seen the future.


Backwardation : Version 12"
Time dilated by matter : Version 12"