pan-dimensional beings experience things differently

11 December 2005

Wouldn't it be great if there were beings on earth who didn't experience events in the linear sequence of time, but instead experienced events sorted by Relevance. So while we were just enjoying what had happened or what was going to come up... they would be getting more and more excited or increasingly disinterested.

Its the biggest human joke that we expect aliens to experience the same time scale as us, or even to experience time. Most people still expect them to have 2 ears, 2 eyes ... Most likely they are here, living super-imposed on our reality but in non-perceivable fashion. With neuron flashes of 1,00,000 of years or lifespans of mere moments. One wink of the eye is millions of years to the most-eye-the-rastabomba-remixes.

Anyway, its 1 am (and time is perceivable) so its about time to head out to the club tonight... Roll Deep @ Cafe Moskau ( the former private club of the top DDR politicos here in Berlin).

Update: congruity and simultaneity are assumptions based on a single absolute time line. It doesn't actually work like that, the perception of time is always relative. So in another galaxy millions of years may indeed be only a wink of an eye, even for normal everyday creatures from that galaxy.

  1. 1 Liz says...

    Actually you don't have to be pan-dimensional to experience time differently. Every human being is psychic — but the more refined psychics tune into energy and the energy is that of the soul which is infinite and timeless. The psychic has the ability to have a glimpse of the future as if it is happening now – though they tune into one of the many possibilities. In the book Conversations with God — he writes, "The Eternal Moment contains all "possible possibilities. As I have explained now several times, everything has already happened in a million different ways. All that's left is for you to make some perception choices." So in a way if you wanted to you could experience timelessness. We may not be able experience a millions years in a blink of an eye, but we have some cool phenomenon of our own.

  2. 2 masud says...

    it is just amazing and got the real meaning of "Pan-dimension"
    thank you.

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