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Dutty Artz interview on XLR8R

2010 February 21

My NY fam here being interviewed for XLR8R:


when it happens

2008 October 06

In case you all hadn’t noticed, the world is falling apart. I posted here back on September 11th, 2007 that the finance world was going to fall apart.

The reason I fled New York was that I could see quite clearly that the wheels were going to come off that wagon and the US may very well collapse into chaos. Alarmist, yes. That’s what alarms are for.

The solid truth is that the financial markets always precede the real economy and things will be changing soon.

As of this weekend the “commercial paper” market has “frozen up”. This means that the circulatory system of the united states – the credit system that companies use to keep factories going and shipping happening is not working. Nobody wants to loan money to anybody else. That means [Cardiac arrest](

You may not like corporations and banks, but we live in their world. Expect some severe dislocations. It might even be fun for the likes of us. But it won’t be easy. Personally, I’m trying not to stress …. and failing at that.

It is entirely possible that food supplies will from time to time get interrupted. I’m serious. You may not think you buy things from corporations (you hipster you), but you live in the modern world and you are not isolated.

In the midst of the largest destruction of wealth in history (albeit fictitious fiat currency wealth), savy investors keep well ahead of the game.

Hmmmmm. Now what could those clever and immoral stock traders be thinking would happen that would boost the outlook for Cambell Soup ? Investing in pitch forks and torches might also be wise. The peasants will buying those in size.

Yep, and you too should have a stockpile of canned good, beans, all that good stuff so that you can survive any interruptions that may or may not happen.

“Supermarkets not going to have enough food. when it happens. The great equalizer is coming.” – rastabomba

(update: damn, even cambell got killed a few days later. this really is Armageddon)

It may not happen this year, it may not happen ever, but don’t freeze up in fear, don’t be stupid and not prepare.

Not preparing is stupid. Preparing and then it not happening is fine. Then you just have a bunch shit in the pantry. Whatever.

Oh, and buy camo. Its always cool to sit around the apartment wearing camo. Makes you feel manly.

New Yorkers : 20% of the city income came from Wall Street investment banks. They are gone. All of them. All the other financial institutions are reporting losses, everybody is reporting losses. That means they don’t pay taxes. That means NYC is bankrupt.

Expect serious cut backs. On the plus side, many of those hedge fund douche bags may move back to their stupid dorfs. Oh and that means restaurant income in New York is going to nose dive. Deflation in the city might happen as people drop their prices because they are desperate for business.

With all those abandoned shopping malls we may have an excellent free party and rave culture in the US. But sadly, the kids will probably just stay at home and make crappy emo videos and post it on youtube.

As we all know, the US is not designed to operate without cars and a corporate retail based supply chain. If globalization breaks down, the US can’t get enough imports to support the lifestyle to which it is accustomed.

Berlin – I can be poor in Berlin and enjoy it. Hell, the place looks cool with all these old buildings. We could fall into ruin and disrepair and it would still be an awesome city. It would still look nicer than it did in 1945. We will have the most awesome soup kitchens with cabbages and potatoes and stuff organized by cute Finish girls.

Personally I don’t really like money, or people with money.


viel spaß im ausland

2008 February 24

This is the green card that they give foreigners when they land in the Great US of A:

Do you have a communicable disease; physical or mental disorder; or are you a drug abuser or addict ? (Well that eliminates half the planet right there)

Have you ever been arrested or convicted for an offense or crime involving moral turpitude or a violation related to a controlled substance; ... or are you seeking entry go engage in criminal or immoral activities ? (yes or no. please answer truthfully) I am a born English speaker. I have no idea what moral turpitude means but I’m guessing its one of those Southern Thangs. Why do you expect foreigners to understand that ? Just check no.

Have you ever been or are you now involved in espionage or sabotage; or in terrorist activities; or genocide (currently ? which color please ?); or between 1933 and 1945 were involved, in any way, in persecutions associated with Nazi German or its allies ? (thank God you are asking the tough questions and keeping this country safe. if only the perpetrators of 911 had had the balls to check yes. Tall buildings, government installations, aircraft, symbols of power ? please check as many as apply.)

Are you seeking to work in the U.S.; or have ever been excluded or deported (oh I’m sorry, are your computers down right now ?); or been previously removed from the United States … etc.


I am legend

2008 January 24

For some reason all the cool people are hating on the new Will Smith vehicle. People who haven’t even seen it declare that they don’t like it. I liked it. So there. As a former New Yorker its awesome to see New York totally devoid of people. I’m not quite sure where the lions come from. Any movie that features the near total extinction of mankind is usually somewhat enjoyable. You get to see Will scrunch his face up and get really mentally imbalanced. It was said he is the last man alive. Unfortunately that’s not true, as the Prodigy is also there.

This was put in just to appeal to hip new york film critics (and bloggers):

Other Music in the background. Will is breaking into what would be Tower Records (if it hadn’t closed several years before the outbreak of the virus). A real New York hipster would find something snarky or oblique to say. But I’m giving up snarkiness for Lent.


Berlin vs. New York Round IV

2007 October 04

Why do people live in New York ? There is no relationship between them. Except for an inner electricity which results from the simple fact of their being crowded together. A magical sensation of contiguity and attraction for an artificial centrality. This is what makes it a self-attracting universe, which there is no reason to leave. There is no human reason to be here, except for the sheer ecstasy of being crowded together.
Jean Baudrillard, America 1989

I moved back to Berlin.

I don’t know what it is about New York, but it drives me slowly insane. My visits back there over the years have been enjoyable and I figured I should go there to find some new destiny. After 9 months I get worn down by the arrogance and the noise and especially the high rents and food prices. Worn down by always chasing money to fill somebody else’s pocket.

Most everybody in New York is trying to get somewhere. That’s the point of The City : you go there to make it. So if you aren’t Donald Trump, you still haven’t made it and you still have to hustle. Everybody is hustling all the time. It rubs off on everyone. I figured it would do me good to get back in the game, but as soon as I got there I didn’t feel like playing.

It has to be said that New York and Los Angeles are at the center of the world, even if we find the idea both exciting and disenchanting. We (Europeans) are a desperately long way behind the stupidity and the mutational character, the naive extravagence and the social, racial, moral, morphological, and architectural excentricity of their society. – JB, America

He also says that the Europeans will always be Bourgeoisie. Damned straight, that’s why the pastries are so much better here. America is advanced like Derivitaves. Their moral value system is also strangely abstracted in the same way. Perhaps Bush believes that his account will eventually show a Moral Profit if we would only give him a little time, yes the moral hedge fund is down at the moment but …

I’m back in my old apartment in Berlin now, right off of the canal with the street market and the swans. As soon as I got here I felt more relaxed than I have in months. My ears have finally stopped ringing (somebody needs to take a big bottle of WD-40 to the subway in Union Square) and my meditation feels like I’m making progress again rather than just attempting to keep myself out of the loony bin. I distinctly feel like I’m home.


Backwardation : Version 12"
Time dilated by matter : Version 12"