londistan calling

7 July 2005

It hurts to read about people having their legs cut off; to think (last night, while I was in bed) that at that moment some mother was crying into the night (and my mother is English]; my step-father couldn't get into London that morning). We get such detailed descriptions of London.

We can imagine it better than what happens day in day out in Iraq.
Let's not even bring up Africa ... ( ?)

Robert Fisk says exactly what I wanted to say:


"If you bomb our cities," Osama bin Laden said in a recent videotape, "we will bomb yours."

I would at least like to thank Al Qaeda for producing such a massive effect of terror with only 50 deaths (so far). Every other day in Iraq far worse happens, and actually the photos and descriptions from there are even more gory. Nobody runs photos of people in London with their bodies blown apart (too much to bear), but you can see those photos in Iraq.

As Fisk also mentions, how can Blair repeat such phrases as "They will never succeed in destroying what we hold dear." ? C'mon Blair you know exactly what this is about. Nobody is double-talking here. (But the rest of his speech was good: G8 is trying to help people, British muslims are nice folk. The brits are so PC)

The goal of Al Qaeda is not to shut down England. They want Islamic states in the Middle East, and they want to overthrow the current Western leaning/supported regimes. See http://crucial-systems.com/2642/The_grand_strategy_of_Al_Qaeda

It would be so nice if Al Qaeda really envisioned peaceful Islamic states; nice people praising God, respecting tradition, building grand Islamic cultures. Maybe they could get back into advancing Mathematics, sipping tea, reading Rumi. Don't count on it. They too are talking out of their asses, just as Bush lies about "democracy". (for the cause of which we overthrew countless democratic leftist gov'ts and installed brutal dictators)

I don't see this as leading to God. Politics and violence and struggle itself (jihad) all take place on the surface of God, and until you stop it with all the noise you won't realize Him.

But I try to always remain only an observer in this. I had a dream once that tarot cards were laid before me with the twin towers on them, spelling both 911 and Allah. But then I knew that these were somebody else's hand, somebody else's fate. Not my battle.

All of my friends in London appear to be safe. History happens, Romes come and go. This is still a relatively peaceful time and not very many casualties even in Iraq.

Big up Blair for training the spotlight on Africa and Global Warning. Bush is making a good appearance of saying the right things. He's almost believable. Let's see, the last time he said such friendly things... bam... John Bolton.

some firsthand blog reports from someone on one of the trains:

from indymedia.uk / wikinews :


picture pool on flickr :

flickr seems to be suffering under the traffic right now.
i actually haven't seen any really great pics yet, but its hard to go through them all.
why do people post screenshots of websites ? time capsule ?
why did they title the group "the 7/7 community" ? as if al qaeda needs help with the PR.

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