I was in India from October 2003-March 2004. One night while I was there I dreamed that a man was given a chance to relive a horrible crime he had committed. A goat had bitten him, and this got him angry. Through a chain of events his passion drove him to keep somebody in a basement for years, torturing him by shoving a gun through his neck into the ribcage. Given the chance to relive this, he realized the goat's point of view, and the situation didn't seem so bad. The bite didn't hurt this time. For one season he was that goat. I cannot express the feeling of joy of being that goat, running carefree along the side of the hill, leaping through the air.

kraftwerk hears the buddha turning the first wheel of dharma

2006 September 23


symmetry; the central channel

2005 December 22

[Mark Mothersbaugh]( (devo) did a beautiful art show of antique photos that he transforms by digitally making them symmetrical. Seeing a symmetrical face is very strange. His [attached article]( is well worth reading too. Rorsarch.

A study of dancers (in Jamaica) showed that women were attracted to men who showed symmetry in their moves.


A recent study said that many people still don’t really understand how mirrors work.

A robot in Japan now has “mirror image cognition” and can tell the difference between seeing itself in a mirror and seeing another robot trying to imitate its movements:

I find it very strange that relatively few people are aware of the dual brain mechanism. This should be in the manual that came with your brain.

Our brain halves alternate domination, and with it the breath alternates strength in either nostril; approximately every 90 minutes. We are essentially two creatures, in a bickering relationship with each other. Check the strength with your fingers. I am right side at the moment. Left side is the more analytic. It is said the right is incapable of language (its also said that thought is not possible without language which is total bullshit and [Roger Penrose agrees with me](

This is known as the Swara cycle, and it can be altered by alternately closing each nostril (as part of pranayama). There is also an odd stick that is used in more obscure yoga practice—you put it under your armpit, shove it in the gland there, and it forces the energy (and breathing) into the opposite channel.

[yoga mag](

For a small period it will reside in the central channel, known as Sushumna. In states of peak experience and in-tune-ness you will find that your energy stays in the central channel. The goal of Yoga is to get the energy to reside in the central channel, and it works very well. Simple sun cycle will open the right and calm the left. The right is known as the sun side, tends to get picked on in human society, and it is that which the Aryans feared would get buried in the earth. It is also known as “that which sleeps in the city”.

In India there was in Vedic times a river called Sarasvati — now dry, disappeared and mythical. In Kundalini Yoga it is associated with the central channel Sushumna. They have found the bed now with satellite pictures. I intend to go there and dwell with whatever crazed Sadhus are there encamped.

I have noticed that as soon as I am in a club, my breathing goes even. The goal of dancing, for me, is to bring the energy into the central channel.

Elephants are holy in part because their trunk (which is their main tool of expression) comes directly out of their central channel (at Anja, the third eye).

One of the greatest things about sex is that we get to bury our trunks deeply inside the river banks of our beloved. (ladies, please reverse the sentence) This is direct manipulation of the central channel. Oh my God sex is great.

(note: no, I’m not getting any.)
update: ok, i got some.


web2.0, hype and cynicism, pump and dump, craving and aversion

2005 October 26

One of the amazing things I experienced while being in India for 6 months was a complete lack of cynicism. They have evil and greed and stupidity, but cynicism just isn’t there. People don’t worry about hype cycles or being cool or reacting to (anybody’s) success with an immediate pull back (waiting to see when the back lash comes).

Coming back to NYC was a total shock. Friends don’t make eye contact with each other. People seem to be hiding all the time. Any thing that might be a simple positive is regarded with a hands-off wait-see distance. Judgments are intrinsically related to the judge’s self and how that self-image will be judged. Especially noticeable in people’s attitudes towards music and musicians. You can’t just say something is good because that act might end up on the dump list soon and you attached yourself to it. Grime is strictly love it or hate it.

The flip side of cynicism is hype. Its the same push-pull relationship as anger (aversion) and lust (craving). If you indulge in lust, it leads to anger/ill-will coming out in some other part of your life. If something is good, simply enjoy it. Don’t get the band name tattooed on your ass and don’t hold back from dancing if the show is going off.

Web2.0 is just a definition about new modes of internet communication that are starting to take hold. There are concepts and huge possibilities. It doesn’t really matter whether you think its hot or not (or anybody thinks you’re cool or contrarian), its actually just a definition of what is already in the process of happening.

We have the possibility to improve the layers of mediation in our lives, to break down systems of information control. The way information is distributed defines reality itself. America is its television. That’s changing now, and this is actually big and important. More than 50% of Americans now get their main political news on the internet. More important than news is how we get images, styles, modes of thought because these define reality itself in the manscape.

A lot of old web-media tried to replicate network television—centralized control. The counter-culture was a lot of little web sites that no-one had the time to discover. One of the effects of Web2.0 is connecting micro and independent media and generating information based on what is happening there. Blogs themselves are not Web2.0, its what can now be done with all that bloggage that is interesting. And past that when the cell phones start streaming video and audio all the time…

People are mis-reacting as usual and talking shit. Its been what… a couple of months ? its hype vs. hater. Exactly the crap that caused the dot-com boom and bust.

If you want to think its just another valley tech meme, then that’s what it will turn out as. Wouldn’t surprise me—the replication of human stupidity into the global brain.

Don’t push, don’t pull. That’s the wheel of karma in action. If you yank the chain, it will yank back.

This was inspired by some of the links on rupture’s funny Web2.5 take :

but mostly inspired by the whole “too many men talk nuff blah-blah” in the egorati-scape.


Kashmiri Saffron

2005 October 22

Kashmiri saffron is darker and stronger than most kinds. I bought about a gram in Himachal Pradesh India for a dollar or two, quite cheap. So now I’m making saffron basmati rice, thinking about them sitting up there in trouble. Its bad.

The world isn’t responding to the earthquake in the same way as they did the Tsunami. Partly because the Tsunami happened in vacation land, and was physically very unusual and bizarre. Also because international people look down on Pakistan compared to India, though these countries and their borders and distinctions are quite new.

Kashmiris aren’t really considered Indians by the rest of India. Some guy told me that he was traveling in India (with his Israeli girlfriend) and the policeman pulled him off the train and took his money, just because he was Kashmiri. I met some really nice guys, but also I have to say the only people I ever had money problems with were all Kashmiris. This is perhaps because the tourist industry in Indian Kashmir is mostly shut down due to fighting and so all the sharks move down into India and drive Rickshaws and sell Jewellery everywhere. Tibettans and Kashmiris do not get along. Even in deep south India you see Kashmiris selling Tibettan heirlooms for way too much.

DIfferent stories on the Pakistani side I’m sure. Its getting really cold up there. They really need help now. Right now.

Update: Oct 31, 2005 (after the New Delhi bombings by separatists)

Oh yeah, the reason the Indians don’t consider Kashmiris proper Indians and the reason that police treat Kashmiris like shit is that some Kashmiris insist on blowing up Indians just to remind everybody that they are separatist.

Everybody is aghast that this stupid conflict means more to these people than the tragedy of the Kashmiri people themselves. That is nothing new. The Indian army also has a long history of raping and terrorizing the locals.

Some people at commented that the Pakistani military profits off the war to such a degree that they will never allow peace. Its not that they actually care about Kashmir. So its entirely possible the recent bombing was Pak supported to ward off any chance of the line of control being weakened. Gotta make that Rupee.


Crowded India Cities Face Conflict on Cows - Yahoo! News

2005 August 31

In New Delhi, which 13 million people share with an estimated 28,000 cows, the problems are legion: Wandering cows clog streets and cause road accidents. Herds of cows spread trash and disease as they tear open plastic garbage bags in search of food and leave trails of dung. They sometimes trample people to death.

So in early May, the New Delhi high court ordered the removal of stray cattle from the city’s streets.


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