dead laptop

3 December 2004

the laptop is dead.

some of you may want to know what possessed me to bring it. 6 months is a long time, and there are many many times when I really want something to do, and I was looking forward to doing some stuff. Sometimes it could sit in the bag, for weeks at a time.

But some god has different ideas, and the RAM got unseated, I got kernel panics (Mac OS X cpu 0 Bad Data Access), and now I can't even boot it up. It boots actually, but the screen is off, it makes no sound, no fan, and it starts slowly overheating. Only way I can tell its on is that the num lock key lights up.

I will probably mail it back soon. Something tells me to wait a bit.

The worst problem is that a digital camera needs a hub. Maybe I can convince some internet place (1000s of them) to let me download to the computer and then put them onto the website.

I'm not actually too bummed or freaked. It kind of didn't affect me, or I realized that it was probably a good thing in a way. I can travel lighter, with less worries.

And if the point is to have a transformative journey, then there shouldn't be anything from the normal life. And the computer means "making things", "production", the inevitable "finishing my next album" (which has been a way of life for years and years. There shouldn't be an agenda now.

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