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2015 March 25

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Maga Bo - Ransom EP

2011 April 25


Ransom (Pacheko Remix)

Ransom (Filastine Remix)

Ransom (Teleseen Remix)

Ransom (Fletcher Remix)

Ransom (Timeblind Remix)



“Loving the release, played Timeblind Mix on the radio” Sinden (Grizzly/Kiss) 

“Seriously AMAZING release” Kid Kameleon 

“Playlisted on my BBC Asian Network show” Bobby Friction (BBC)

DJ Support: Sinden, Rob Smith (RSD), Distal, Kid Kameleon, Bun Zero, Masala Blog 

Radio: Sinden (Kiss FM) Bobby Friction (BBC), James Barrie (BBE), Simon Harrison (Basic Soul)

We’re welcoming in the 5th birthday year (see below) for Senseless with an incredible release that mixes cutting edge bass music with traditional Ethiopian instruments and folklore. Combined with the artwork, a ‘making of’ video and backed by a truly international set of remixes, it is a project that has been a year in the making. The man responsible is international bass nomad Maga Bo, a producer and DJ who literally embodies the global spirit of Senseless as a label. You might know him from an extensive discography including is work with the Dutty Artz collective in NYC (DJ Rupture/Matt Shadetek/Uproot Andy etc), or on labels like Shockout, Tru Thoughts, African Dope or Soot Records. For those unfamiliar with his work he lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, a place where he draws plenty of inspiration from, musical and otherwise, as he explains,


“Brazil is a massive inspiration… I’m very interested in afro-brazilian rhythms, of which there are many. samba, coco, baião, sambareggae, jongo are all present in my new productions for example”.

There’s another level to his experience in Brazil too, one that informs his work on a deeper level:

“I’m a permanent resident in Brazil, but this has been a very difficult and stressful journey and has really opened my eyes to the experiences of immigrants around the world.  I am a migrant musician, as most musicians are, historically, to some degree.  Migration and immigration are powerful forces influencing and affecting culture and art.  The music that I compose, produce, play and research is a product of migration – my own journeys and the journeys of others.”

That very much sums up Bo’s existence and why we’re so excited to be working with him: a relentless thirst for travel, discovery and collaboration driven by music. This EP came about from a trip to Ethiopia where he met Indriss Hassanwho plays the distinctive single-stringed masinqo on title track Ransom. The track was inspired by the infamous hyenas which are fed raw meat outside the gates of Harar, birthplace of Ras Tafari. As Bo explains,

“The way they way move is unlike any animal I’ve ever seen: very powerful.  It was their particular way of moving – with caution, but also with desire (to feed) and power – that inspired this track.”

Ransom evolves out of a haze of field recordings driven forward by handclaps with the distinctive masinqo loop rising up out of the atmosphere before a deep sub bass rolls in to underpin it. It’s at once hypnotic and psychedelic, evoking the intensity and energy of a vibrant city like Addis Ababa after dark. The other original track, Gondar, is a traditional Azmari song from Ethiopia, rewired with a dancehall-like riddim and elastic synth bass and more masinqo, this time played by Eritbu “Solomon” Agegnehu.

The remixes come from a truly international line-up all hand picked by Maga Bo himself. First up with a dancehall/dubstep hybrid is the legendary Timeblind of NYC via Berlin, whose varied career has seen everything from techno releases on Hawtin’s Plus-8 to digital dancehall on Kid606’s ShockoutTeleseen (Percepts Recordings), another NYC native atomises the parts and reassembles them in a gloriously schizophrenic electro/acoustic showdown. South Africa’s Fletcher (African Dope) takes the track in a dub direction adding space and FX to the mix.  Filastine (Soot/Jarring Effect/Uberlingua/PWI), from Barcelona, comes through with a time-bending groove and ratty, resonant subbass.  Last up, Senseless family Pacheko from Venezuela offers up a dub orientated bass-weight monster aimed at deeper dancefloors, something a little different from his recent 4×4 work.

Finally, a special mention for the artwork, a collaboration between local photographer Michael Tsegaye and Venezuelan designer Mad Kick, part of the Abstractor collective with Pacheko. A video clip shot by Maga Bo during the recording of “Gondar” completes the picture. 

5th Birthday

2011 marks Senseless Records 5th birthday, starting in the summer we will be releasing five LTD vinyl releases with hand screen printed sleeves and A3 art print inserts featuring tracks from Poirier, Phantom, JTRP, DJ Eastwood, Sterotyp, Oris J and many more. More details to coming soon.





LABEL:Senseless Records


FORMATS:Digital Download

ONE LINE:Africa bass soundclash



2011 January 07

its cold up here. and dark


Kid Kameleon in the loop

2011 January 01

The very ungrumpy Kid Kameleon just dropped his loops mix built entirely from loops from the likes of us:

Asura, BD1982, Beatbully, Black Chow, Bop, Boreta, Coco Bryce, Disrupt, DJ G, Downliners Sekt, Dr. Strangeloops, Ganucheau, Geiom, Ghislain Poirier, Girl Unit, Hatti Vatti, Hungry Ghost, Illyah & Ltd. Candy, Indigo, LV, Michna, Mono/Poly, Mr. Gasparov, NastyNasty, Om Unit, Pacheko, Paul White, Phosho, Rekordah, Robot Koch, Rx, Schlachthofbronx, Self Evident, Sines, Skyence, Sub Swara, Taylor, Teleseen, Timeblind, Tinker, Untold, Uproot Andy

cop it here over at Rob Booth’s fine Electronic Explorations:


pirates need to keep it on the D/L

2010 December 26

Soundcloud started issuing takedown notices to people posting unauthoried remixes and mixtapes.

A few thoughts in response to the Ripley’s post:

have you all chosen and publicly displayed a CC license ?  

I need to do that too.

If it was widespread then all artists would have this, it could be easily checked to ensure a mix is free to go.  Only artists on restrictive labels would get flagged.  Mixcloud could scan and ok the mix automatically.  All artists should have URLs where their license can be retrieved and verified.

I don’t think Soundcloud is a Walled Garden unless you think that by wall that means they will fight to protect any illegal actions you take within their courtyards.  Walled Garden means that they don’t allow things out or that they stifle competion.  So its a misuse of the phrase I think.

Google/YouTube was prepared to fight to change usage laws and has done so with varying degrees of success.  Its immature to expect them to win just because you want them to win.  Its immature to expect them to take the bullet for you just because they have sympathy with your usage style.  Somebody has to pay a lot of money to fight to change laws.

Soundcloud is very small, you cannot demand of them to sacrifice potentially their entire business in order to defend something they never went into business for (remixes and mixtapes).  They are there to support new music, that’s their focus.

Actually originally they wanted to support discussions about pre-released music like comparing different versions, looking at cues for music for video etc.  That’s what the little comment bubbles are for. Its supposed to be for not yet finished music. But they got caught up going in a different direction because people liked seeing a new flash player.  btw. that flash player is SoundManager,  the same thing you see on my site.  Its open source.

If you want to distribute copyright violating works then do so like a proper pirate and keep it on the D/L, and stop complaining when you get busted on mainstreet. Hip Hop was built on jacking other people’s beats.  Only Toys buy their paint.  

Post it on big sites till they start taking heat, then say bye and thanks to them for putting up with it and move on. It is not their fault.

Run bitorrent on your web server so you can keep it running all the time.  As people add nodes, as people cop mixes, it strengthens and nobody can take it down.


Backwardation : Version 12"
Time dilated by matter : Version 12"