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23 April 2010

Lots and lots of things have happened, all of it very good.  No stress, no trouble.  Even running over the large rock and ..oh hey look we have 10 guys ready to help lift the car off the rock. But quite friendly about it.  Zambians are very sweet natured.  (but then what's a large oil pan puncturing rock doing in the middle of the gas station parking lot ?) The best part though was when a kid came up seconds later and tried to SELL me a few small rocks.  Just a few ordinary rocks, you want ?  No, we don't like rocks.  We really don't like rocks, and this is a bad time to be a rock seller.

10 days and already a million stories.  Sorry, buy me a beer some time and I'll tell you. I need to save some of those stories up like small denomination bills.

After some 2000km of endless driving and towns wizzing past we met Jordan who has travelled alone from Morrocco.  He's Asian, but Swedish, with that charming little Swedish accent.  The Africans don't believe him so he gets lumped in with the Chinese.  

Well he needs a quick trouble free car ride, and I need to be in a Natural Park and the car has to be in Namibia by April 29th, and I don't have to be in Cape Town for a while still.  So I hopped out of the Caldina (Toyota).

Today was great, met a film crew on the street, found the CD burning rhumba/zambian music spot and got some tunes.  10k kwatcha ($3.50). Lusaka is smiling at me more.

But my visa is accidentally a transit visa and I guess I need to exit Zambia in 4 days.  I'll figure it out.  Also I'm running out of pages in my Passport.  What do I win ?


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