3 December 2004

The first annual ArtBots: The Robot Talent Show will take place in New York City on Saturday, May 25th, 2002. Creators of
talented robots are invited to submit their robots for possible inclusion in the show. The deadline for entries is February 1st,

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    • my favorite song right now

      Baby Shotta : Movado with Ward 21 on the Nookie 2k6 riddim. This thing runs through my head every day. Movado - Ward 21 - Baby Shottas You can even buy it on iTunes Movado with the gorgeous drifting song, Ward 21's Suku—the bass dude. Good cop bad cop. Ward 21 always play their voice talent like an orchestra. Suku is the one that intones hypnotically on that single deadly pitch. Suku also produces many of my favorite Ward 21 ...

    • top 10 words by genre

      Reggae girl lover know love I’m let’s mi shout like gal Country love I’m just don’t know like got time heart go Newage adis go say day night love sky says ergo heart Rap I’m like get got don’t n**** know s*** ain’t yo Rock I’m love don’t know just like got you’re time oh Table 1: The ten most frequent non-stop words for selected genres from an online lyrics repository. rap and rock got serious ego issues. obviously dancehall ...

    • grime: love/hate

      On the street, cell phones enable impromptu rapping, or "spitting," over music played through speaker phones. Grime is hated and loved. Its basically a super media thing, attractive to people who write about stuff. All these "new" genres are like that (Favela funk, Reggaeton). Music is hard to talk about, and music writers ALWAYS bore me. They stick to the surface attributes. No way to know if something really is good or not based on these descriptions. If I listen ...

    • soundclash: nietzsche vs. buddha

      Many of the innovations in music for the past several decades happen in the more agressive, energetically active forms. Metal, punk, hip-hop, techno, jungle (hardcore), dancehall/bashment, grime. Nietzsche would be proud: the strong succeed, leading the way. The Appollonians may complain, back in their chill out rooms or up in their pop charts, but they follow the leader. Further down the line they sweeten the style up once its cooled off. War presidents think this way too. Apollonian nations fall ...

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    • Dutty Artz interview on XLR8R

      My NY fam here being interviewed for XLR8R:

    • when it happens

      In case you all hadn't noticed, the world is falling apart. I posted here back on September 11th, 2007 that the finance world was going to fall apart. The reason I fled New York was that I could see quite clearly that the wheels were going to come off that wagon and the US may very well collapse into chaos. Alarmist, yes. That's what alarms are for. The solid truth is that the financial markets always precede the real ...

    • viel spaß im ausland

      This is the green card that they give foreigners when they land in the Great US of A: Do you have a communicable disease; physical or mental disorder; or are you a drug abuser or addict ? (Well that eliminates half the planet right there) Have you ever been arrested or convicted for an offense or crime involving moral turpitude or a violation related to a controlled substance; ... or are you seeking entry go engage in criminal or immoral ...

    • I am legend

      For some reason all the cool people are hating on the new Will Smith vehicle. People who haven't even seen it declare that they don't like it. I liked it. So there. As a former New Yorker its awesome to see New York totally devoid of people. I'm not quite sure where the lions come from. Any movie that features the near total extinction of mankind is usually somewhat enjoyable. You get to see Will scrunch his face up and ...

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