The Antichrist, the EU, UN and the Christian Soliders of America

6 March 2005

Christian America thinks that Europe and/or the United Nations is the second Roman Empire, and that the Anti-Christ will soon rise to power there and consume the earth under a false banner of peace. Of course we were thinking the same thing about them.

As much as you would like to believe that the world struggle is about oil, nationalism or currency competition, the real reason is that... the beast is supposed to have "ten horns and seven heads, with ten crowns upon its horns" (Revelation 13:1–2) which is sometimes interpreted to mean the Antichrist will lead 27 or 17 countries.

Shit, how many do we have now ? 25. Come on people, I don't have time for this, I have to finish my album. The 10 crowns are the WTO regions, the 7 heads are the G7. No wonder Georgie was so soon keen to go it alone. Nothing to do with logic.

You cannot afford not to follow this stuff now. You may think you are clever and follow all the news, but that's not what's happening. What's happening is what THEY think is happening.

We (the ex-pat Americans) talk about taking back the US, about fighting it out in the media, trying to counter the lies, trying to knock some sense into people. Its not about truth, and they aren't concerned with justice. Discourse and reason and Doing the Right Thing are completely irrelevant. We need to genetically breed red heifers and knock down that mosque so we can rebuild the temple! We need to slay the third part of man in the Euphrates! Christ is coming, and God is definitely on our side this time ! Nothing to fear, we have Church picnics and white picket fences ! Bring it on ! A couple of years ago we could ignore this crap.

Signing the Kyoto treaty would resign US sovereignty to a League of Nations under the Anti-Christ. Oh and it would cripple our economy. So we deny the science and smudge the debate with infantile pooh slinging, screaming about "the insanity!" of the Kyoto supporters in thousands of astro-turf blogs. We are the most powerful economy in the world, but we are so very fragile that 5% emissions cuts would absolutely kill us. Go ask the Africans to shut off their smokestacks first, we won't bow to Satan.

It has nothing to do with logic or reason. So my dear and frustrated friends, please don't waste your energy trying to reason with them. Its not about that.

Poor Jesus. The awful things that have been done in His name.

Another popular candidate these days is jolly old Prince Charles. His name adds up to 666, he is a direct descendant (if you believe everything you read) of Judah himself (see the link below). 36 out of 57 items of identification, which is a 17,179,200,000 to 1 improbability. More than any other man has ever manifested. Still has time to manifest the other 21. If he gets a mortal wound to the head, dies, and gets a false resurrection... then....I'm moving to Nepal for a while and you fucking wackos can duke it out.

With Israel starting in 1967 that would place the arrival of the anti-christ before 2007. Shit, how old is the Queen ? She would be 81. Still seems sprightly. I dunno, I like Charles; he writes drunken letters to MPs, speaks his mind about world problems, talks naughty on the cell phone. A fine chap. Can't see him sprouting horns.

The Prophet also speaks of the coming of the Qiyamah (Doomsday or Resurrection) at around 1400 Hijri (Moslem calendar). 1400 itself was 1979, but the period extends through now, and "many of the signs are coming true now". Again, battles in the Euphrates.

Islam, Judaism and Christianity are all the same religion, with the same God, scriptures, prophets and Messiah. The Muslim apocalypse also involves Jesus returning. Falsehood and untruth will end, and those that claim to represent religion but are false will be destroyed. The Prophet (Peace be Upon Him) said "Even I do not know what will happen after that !"

A good site about the Muslim Resurrection (I think written by a Canadian Muslim):
This stresses that the negativity and destruction that mankind obsesses about so much is a distortion of the message, and the emphasis is on the rebirth and peace that follows.

Tracking all the signs (eg. "There will be a war between them. Allah will deprive both armies of a victory…" Iran vs. Iraq etc.) :

In Hinduism we have the Kali Yuga which also now comes to a close. Each of the 4 cycles is progressively murkier and more distant from reality and God (Brahama). The most difficult and negative has been Kali Yuga, it is 75% distortion. We re-enter the age of Satya (purity). But Kali Yuga will go out with a bang.

In a very real and self-fulfilling sense, this stuff is inevitable. These people will have their Apocalypse, but the earth will survive it. In fact, the earth may not survive without it.

  1. 1 bingo says...

    Well put. Seems like you are the only ones who caught on.

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