Could a hole in space save man from extinction?

28 August 2005

You know recently I've been worried that I say too much, try too often to freak people out. At my birthday party the other night, I was explaining to Sasha from hardwax some of the basic useful parts of Buddhist thinking (blah blah here he goes... well I just madde an offhand comment and... ) then I accidentally wandered into "absolute reality", psychic reality and the wave particle duality. So he forgets the first part, the useful part about not letting your self turn into a bunch of spiraling errant sub-routines.

The first thing that occured to the Buddha after his enlightenment (which would include realizing that the world doesn't "exist" and the whole wave-particle duality/co-emergence thing) was "I can't tell people about this, its just too weird, they'll never believe me." Then he decided he had to, and made plans about how to lay the message out into layers. Hence there are teachings in Relative truth which are useful for everybody, and then teachings in Absolute truth which were kept secret for hundreds of years and are the ones that now confuse everybody.

Such as "Form is emptiness; emptiness also is form. Emptiness is no other than form; form is no other than emptiness. In the same way, feeling, perception, formation, and consciousness are emptiness." (Shunyata is probably better translated as "space" — as in "somewhere to put something", or like a movie screen — rather than "emptiness").

This is good for someone well advanced on the path, or your present day amateur theoretical physicst (hi there), but it doesn't really help with your day to day street hassle.

So the Buddha was clever and spoke like an onion, but Buddhism did eventually get tangled up in its own dialectics and is probably the most misunderstood philosophy in the world; and somehow it became a religion, which of course it wasn't supposed to be; and Buddha became a God and had a lot of goofy androgynous statues made of himself.

Then just when I thought I was always on the freak tip, here comes Michio Kaku with a plan to escape the death of the universe (via the Ray Kurzweil website):

A space ark could escape the death of the universe itself, by creating huge banks of laser beams and atom smashers to create the unbelievably intense temperatures, energy and densities necessary to open up holes in space and leave the universe, then shooting nanobots through the wormhole to create huge DNA factories to grow clones and replicas of their creators and their universe., relating the theories of Michio Kaku, professor of theoretical physics at the City University of New York

You go baby ! Let that freak flag fly ! Makes me feel much better. I should start accosting people on the street with my crazy theories.

I had always assumed that we (whatever we are at that point) would need to support ourselves inside the universe during its collapse. I figured the universe would spread to a uniform haze of absolute-zero atoms, uniform, relaxed and dead; and we would be floating in space-campers watching re-runs during the long ride back into the next singularity. He suggest popping out into the next one.

But now I realize that this assumes the primacy of matter as being "us", and I was hoping by "then" we would all have realized that we are the nothingness on which the universe appears to have expanded—as much as we are the appearance itself. But of course we associate with the appearance, not with the medium.

(and what medium does light wave in?)

The wave doesn't cry when it comes up to the beach. It doesn't grasp at its form, since its real existence is as the motion in the ocean.

Damn, we're back to the Tsunami again.

Could a hole in space save man from extinction?

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