3 December 2004

Tashi and Sonam tell us this old Tibettan tale:

Akutenpa wanted to fool around with the nuns, so he disguised himself as a nun and snuck into the nunnery. Then he had much sex with the nuns. Eventually the head of the order noticed some nuns getting a "little present" (pregnant), and he figured out that it must be inside job. Akutenpa had tied his thing up with a peice of thread, so of course the lama-nun thought to make them all jump over a fire. They each did, but when he Akutenpa did, the thread burnt and his thing popped out. Then head nuns beat him and threw him in the jail.

For punishment they tied his thing up with Yak fur thread and dragged him around the courtyard. He told them that Deer fur thread would hurt more, and they beleived him. So they switched to Deer fur thread and dragged him around the courtyard, but he broke the thread easily and ran away.

He ran to a beach. Ashamed of his nakedness, he buried himself in the sand. But his thing woke up, so he had to put an extra mound there, and disguised it with a big blade of grass. Some nuns were walking along and saw what they thought was a dead man, but they figured he was a stiffy, so they would have fun, and pretended to sit down on the grass. Akutenpa had his fun too, and then made fun of the nuns who ran away. (this part doesn't really make sense I know...)

A trader came by with lots of furs in a cart. Akutenpa told him about the wild nunnery where all the nuns wanted to have sex with him. So the trader beleived him and traded all of his furs and Akutenpa told him to go to the nunnery, knock on the door and say "I'm the guy who was here yesterday". So he did, and they beat him.

The tales of Akutenpa go on and on... He is so smart.

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